Center for Academic Excellence

For Current Tutors

Below are a list of resources, guides, forms, and professional development intended to help you navigate your positions as an Academic Peer Tutor for the Center for Academic Excellence.

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March 2022

Forms and Guides

Faculty Evaluation Request Form

This is the form you will complete to request an evaluation of a course you want to tutor for. You do not need to send this form to the faculty member, instead the completed form will automatically be sent to the “instructor email” you put into the form.

NOTE: If you can tutor a higher level of a subject, then request an evaluation for the highest level of that subject. This will give you automatic clearance to tutor the lower levels of that subject as well (when applicable). For example, approval from your SPAN 202 instructor will allow you to tutor SPAN 101 – 202. MATH 198 approval allows you to tutor MATH 156, 157, and 186.

Logging Your Hours

Please log your hours often, preferably after each tutoring session. If you are experiencing issues with logging your hours, please contact the Coordinator of University Tutoring, Ashleigh Harding ( For information on how to log your tutoring hours, see the attached guide: Online Timecard Information.

Navigating WC Online

For a guide on how to work with WC Online as a tutor, see the attached tutorial video.

Completing Client Reports

When completing your client reports, make sure to note the following:

  1.   What were the main concerns or questions that the student had?
  2.  Could the student use assistance with Time Management, Study Skills, and/or Test Preparation?
  3.  Did the student find that the formatting (e.g. online) of their course made it difficult to succeed?
  4.  Did the student ask more of the tutor that what our services provide? (i.e. complete their homework)
  5.  Did the student say anything of concern that you plan to pass along to their academic advisor?

Creating Zoom Meetings

Instead of creating a different Zoom meeting for each online tutoring session, you can create a recurring meeting that will allow you to use the same link every time.

  1.  In, go to “My Account” in the top right corner of the main page.
  2.  Then, select “Meetings” on the left-hand side.
  3.  Select “Schedule a Meeting.” On the meeting page, check the “Recurring Meeting” box.
  4.  For “Recurrence,” choose “No Fixed Time.”
  5.  Select “Save” at the bottom of the page after making any other edits you see fit for the meeting.

Now, this is a meeting invite that you can send to all of your student clients. When you reach out to the student, I suggest you choose “Copy Invitation” when you email them to ensure you are giving them the link and the passcode to the meeting. To access this meeting link/info in the future, simply go to the “Meetings” section on and it will be listed there.