The Tutoring Center

About Us

Truman offers a range of tutoring services across campus through the efforts of various centers, academic departments, and organizations. All tutoring services are free to students, and our dedicated staff, faculty, and student partners are focused on student success. The Center for Academic Excellence's Tutoring Center is the hub of tutoring services on campus and was founded by the late Todd Phillips in 2011. As the first director of the Student Success Center, Phillips fostered a culture of student support in which alternative methods of interacting with course materials were explored and advocated for. The Center for Academic Excellence’s main office is located in Pickler Memorial Library, Suite 109.

Our Mission

Truman Tutoring Services (TTS) embodies the mission of Truman State University by providing academic assistance to develop well-prepared students that have the skills and confidence necessary to succeed. We are a partner with our academic departments, and our core focus is to be an extension of the classroom experience by providing individual and group tutoring, workshops, and presentations that afford the skills necessary for students to become competent, self-confident learners. Our staff and Academic Peer Tutors support student learning in a manner that empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning and life.

Our Goals

  • Personal Awareness: Students will engage in self-assessment of their academic learning style(s) and academic growth.
  • College Awareness: Students will better negotiate campus culture and resources, understanding the discourses needed to navigate the higher education setting.
  • Foundational Skill Set: Students will gain proficiency in skills pertinent to success in their coursework and transferable skills between disciplines.
  • Provide comprehensive training for our Academic Peer Tutors along with continued professional development opportunities that strengthen their instructional knowledge.

Achieving Our Goals

  • Providing a space where learning dialogues can take place comfortably and empower students to engage in their own learning process.
  • Providing self-reflective assessments so students can better understand their learning needs and develop academic resilience through cognitive and behavioral adjustments.
  • Offering both individual and supplemental instruction that is tailored to discipline-specific content.
  • Embed our services into the student experience by being readily available for our diverse range of students, meeting students where they are at in their academic journey.

Annual Reports