Center for Academic Excellence

What is an Academic Peer Tutor?

As an Academic Peer Tutor, you can serve the Truman community, enhance your resume, and develop transferable skills that are beneficial in many fields and career paths. Our tutors reflect the values of the CAE, including independence in learning, personalized instruction, and respect for Truman’s diverse community. Students who choose to tutor with us work in a unique, independent environment where you are able to determine your own tutoring hours, which courses you tutor for, and conduct your sessions unsupervised. Tutors are provided with training throughout their first semester in the position, after which point students can engage in additional professional development training if they so choose. Apply at for this position at TruPositions (

Position Description
The Tutoring Center is a great academic resource on campus for students. We tutor the subjects we took and excelled in. In addition to that, all of the tutors have undergone a semester-long tutoring class to polish their tutoring skills. To be able to share my knowledge and help other students makes me happy. As a tutor, I am learning something new with every student.
Tenzin Tamang

Academic Peer Tutor