Center for Academic Excellence

Advising for First-Year and Incoming Students

The Center for Academic Excellence assigns a specific advisor to each undergraduate student who will work closely with you throughout your first year at Truman. Your advisor will help you develop a customized educational plan that addresses your unique abilities, aspirations, and interests so you're better prepared to make the choices that are right for you.

Your First-Year Advisor is...

A professional advisor who can help you craft a personalized plan for your journey at Truman
Available to help you define and achieve your goals
Your point of contact for course registration
Available to meet with you throughout your entire first-year experience

Let us help you find what's next

Your relationship with your first-year advisor ensures that you receive proactive attention and personal support at the start of your college career. This dedicated support empowers you for success through optimal learning, engagement, planning, and progress.

After your first year at Truman, you'll continue with support and guidance by a faculty mentor in your discipline who is an expert in your field.

Looking for First-Year Advisors?

Your first-year advisor is assigned to you during the summer before your first semester at Truman.

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