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Sample Four-Year Plans

The sample four-year plans listed below are designed to provide suggestions for sequencing your major courses, but there are also other ways to sequence most majors. These plans are meant to provide aid in early, provisional planning. Please consult with your academic advisor if you have questions.

Sample Four-Year Plans
Accounting (BS)
Agricultural Science (BS), BusinessAgricultural Science (BS), ScienceAgricultural Science (BS), Pre-Education
Applied Linguistics/TESOL (BA)
Art (BA), Art HistoryArt (BA), Studio
Art (BFA), DesignArt (BFA), 3D DesignArt (BFA), Studio
Art (BFA), Design ONLINE, New Major: Full-timeArt (BFA), Design ONLINE, AA Degree: Full-timeArt (BFA), Design ONLINE, New Major: Part-timeArt (BFA), Design ONLINE, AA Degree Part-time
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BS)Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BS) – Alternative Plan
Biology (BS/BA)
Business Administration (BS/BA), FinanceBusiness Administration (BA), International BusinessBusiness Administration (BS/BA), ManagementBusiness Administration (BS/BA), Marketing
Cannabis and Natural Medicinals (BS, Analytical Science) Cannabis and Natural Medicinals (BS, Business and Entrepreneurship) Cannabis and Natural Medicinals (BS, Cultivation) Cannabis and Natural Medicinals (BS, Society and Philosophy)
Chemistry (BS)
Classics (BA), Focus on LanguageClassics (BA), Focus on CultureClassics (BA), Pre-MAE Latin
Communication (BA)
Communication Disorders (BS/BA)
Computer Science (BS)
Creative Writing (BFA)
Criminal Justice Studies (BS), Law & Society ConcentrationCriminal Justice Studies (BS), Criminological Theory & Research ConcentrationCriminal Justice Studies (BS), Forensic Investigation Concentration w/ Forensic Science minor Track I - Forensic DNA Lab-orientedCriminal Justice Studies (BS), Forensic Investigation Concentration w/ Forensic Science minor Track II - Forensic Chemistry Lab-orientedCriminal Justice Studies (BS), Criminal Justice Administration Concentration
Economics (BA)Economics (BS)Economics (BS), PhD Prep
English (BA)
Exercise Science (BS), Pre-Medical SciencesExercise Science (BS), Applied/Athletic TrainingExercise Science and Athletic Training 3+2Exercise Science (BS) and MAE Physical Education
French (Modern Language BA)
German (Modern Language BA)
Health Science (BS), Community, Worksite, and Public HealthHealth Science (BS), Pre-MedHealth Science (BS), Pre-Occupational Therapy/Pre-Athletic Training
History (BS/BA)
Linguistics (BS)
Mathematics (BS/BA)Mathematics (BS/BA), Actuarial ScienceMathematics (BS/BA), Pre-MAEMathematics (BS/BA), Graduate School Bound Students
Music (BA) Pre-Certification - InstrumentalMusic (BA), Pre-Certification - VocalMusic (BA), GeneralMusic (BA), Liberal Arts
Music (BM), CompositionMusic (BM), Performance
Music Business (BS)
Music Therapy (BS)
Nursing (BSN)Nursing (ABSN)
Philosophy and Religion (BA)
Physics (BA)Physics (BS)Physics, Astro-Track (BS)Dual Physics/EngineeringPre-Engineering
Political Science and International Relations (BS/BA)
Psychology (BS/BA)
Sociology/Anthropology (BS/BA)
Spanish (Modern Language BA), Starting in 101Spanish (Modern Language BA). Starting in 201Spanish (Modern Language BA). Starting in 330
Statistics (BA)Statistics (BS)Statistics (BS), Data ScienceStatistics (BS), Data Science; assumes MATH 198 and STAT 190 credit, as well as Minor in Computer ScienceStatistics (BS), Classical; assumes credit for STAT 190 and MATH 198
Theatre (BA)Theatre (BA) and Musical Theatre Minor

Double Majors

Criminal Justice Studies (BS), Criminological Theory & Research Concentration + Psychology (BS)
Criminal Justice Studies (BS), Law & Society Concentration + Sociology (BS)
Criminal Justice Studies (BS), Law & Society Concentration + Political Science & International Relations (BS) w/ Legal Studies Minor